Welcome to appliance zen,

we are locally owned and operated in Asheville, NC offering licensed, insured and bonded appliance and electronic repair services.

We fix all appliance brands which are out of warranty and most major brands within warranty. Please see our list of manufacturers / brands which we service or repair while under warranty.

If your appliance or electronic item is not reparable due to the excessive cost or parts availability, we offer a 1 year credit for the service call fee on any second appliance or electronics repair.**


Residential service

Your home is your castle but it probably shouldn't have a mote. When your appliances revolt, we'll quell the uprising quickly and quietly.

Whether it fritzes, leaks, smokes, chokes or just plays dead it's got another thing comin'. Us!

We treat your home enviornment respectfully and protect your property from damage while we work. As always, the privacy of your residence is assured.


commerical service

Since you're here, your business must be seeking top notch appliance support and repair. It is a fortuitious omen that you are seeking and have found our Zen.

At Appliance Zen, we understand the cost of downtime and the value of reliable partners who are there when you need them.

It's not just an appliance, it's your livelyhood and we treat it as such.

instant zen

No appliance breaks on schedule. It just wouldn't be an emergency any other way.

Ranging from water in your basement to Zool in your fridge, we offer emergency assistance. If you don't normally see that sort of behavior in a major appliance, call us.

We're here for you, 24/7.